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What is CustomWise?

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CustomWise is a web-based configurator that allows customers to review, modify and select custom designed products that exactly meet their needs before placing an order.

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CustomWise - A Solution for Instant Engineering-to-Order ... Over the Web

What is CustomWise

CustomWise is a Design++ based system that enables mass-Customization by configuring designed-to-order products at the point of sale. Working at Internet speed, customers review, modify and select custom engineered products that exactly meet their requirements before placing and order. CustomWise cements the partnership between customer and supplier by making every product design right the first time.

With CustomWise it is easy to input customer requirements to automatically generate realistic renderings , technical drawings and price quotes. Changes are implemented on the spot. Collaborative what-if scenarios and fast, multiple design iterations ensure complete customer satisfaction, and a complete, accurate final proposal.

Design-to-Order Configurator

CustomWise is a true Design-to-Order configurator, with capabilities far exceeding those of typical configuration systems. It uses company product engineering and design rules to create any manufacturable variation of a product, including custom-engineered components and arrangements. It enables visualization of the product in 3-D, generates accurate technical drawings, produces complete technical descriptions and creates risk-free price quotations. With CustomWise you design the product the way your customer wants it, in an instant. It all adds up to a real competitive advantage.

(See an example of an automatically generated general arrangement motor drawing here)

CustomWise automatically configured and engineered this electrical motor CustomWise automatically configured and engineered this electrical motor

Figure 1. CustomWise automatically configured and engineered this electrical motor over the web using standard parts (e.g., capacitor cover) and engineered parts (e.g., shaft)

Satisfied Customers

3D visualization and technical drawings help your customer understand the impact of changes and reach consensus on deliverables. With CustomWise, fast collaborative review of customer change-requests ensures informed acceptance of the deliverable, eliminating misunderstandings, and building customer satisfaction.

Internet Speed

Web-based Engineer-to-Order configuration provides the sales-force, distributors and even customers with immediate 24/7/365 access to product engineering expertise that stays firmly in your control on your sever.

Captured Knowledge

CustomWise makes capture of product knowledge spreadsheet simple. It's intuitive visual modeler lets product experts embed product configuration and engineering rules into a bill-of-material-like "super model" of a product family. When sales engineers, manufacturer's representatives or even customers input order requirements, CustomWise uses the captured in-house product knowledge to configure and engineer the product precisely for that specific order.


CustomWise brings the power of Design Power Design++ proven Design-to-Order capabilities to sales force automation. This heritage ensures scalability to back-office engineering processes as the level of supply chain automation increases.