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Design++® Customer Successes

Design++ has over 20-year history of supporting high-value design automation and product configuration solutions at world-class companies that put a real $$$ value on the savings provided by Design++.

Learn more about the powerful benefits Design Power customers derive from the use of the Design++ design automation technology. Pictures below are links to print-quality PDF documents, and the text below the pictures are links to html versions, which load faster.

Baker Hughes, PDF
Baker Hughes
Configuration of schematic drawings
Bühler AG, html
Bühler AG
Automating process equipment configuration
Robertson Ceco Corporation, PDF
Cornerstone Bldg Brands
Automated design of complex metal buildings
Fluor Corporation, PDF
Fluor Corporation
Optimizing layout in front-end plant design
Nidec Motor Corporation, html
Nidec Motor Corporation
Automated design of custom electrical motors
HBG Civiel, PDF
HBG Civiel
Design and sequencing of building pit construction
Monsanto, PDF
Monsanto Enviro-Chem
AutoTower: auto-design of adsorbtion towers
Nextrom Technologies, PDF
Nextrom Technologies
Cable factory sales configurator
Selvaag Gruppen AS, PDF
Selvaag Gruppen AS
Automated building design using a Super-BIM
YIT Corporation, html
YIT Corporation
Reducing construction cost through model-based Value Engineering