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Would your business operations improve by automating the design of complex, Design-to-Order (DTO) products?


The ability to match customer's needs increases customer satisfaction, sales volume and profit potential. Realizing this potential requires a solution that enables rapid customization, minimizes errors and lets customer take part in the design process.

What We Do at Design Power

Design Power provides software that lets manufacturers instantly and correctly configure, engineer, design, and document complex design-to-order products and systems at the point of sale while working with the customer. The ability to exactly match a customers needs and accelerate delivery through instant design for manufacturing provides a decisive competitive advantage.

Proven in use by world leaders in manufacturing, engineering and construction, our solutions power of their supply chain from the front-office to the shop floor. Drawing on the knowledge of product experts, Design Power solutions automate creation products and systems visualizing them in 3-D models and technical drawings and providing accurate specifications, component selections and costs to sales, purchasing and manufacturing…instantly. It's the key to a decisive and documented competitive advantage in Design-to-Order production environments. And it's the next step to success in this customer-driven world.


Design Power product offering is multifaceted (See Figure 1.) and is based on the Design++® Design-to-Order (DTO) engine. This design automation environment has made possible numerous design automation solutions created by and for various customers. For examples of such solutions click on "Custom Solutions" in Figure 1. "Jaw-dropping" results in productivity and quality improvements have been reported in using this technology.

Bentley PlantWise is a Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) solution for the process plant engineering and design industry as well as for operators and owners of process plants. It has saved millions of $$$$ through enabling optimization of process plant layouts.

CustomWise is a web-front-end to the Design++ engine intended for instant configuration and engineering/design of engineered-to-order manufactured products. No true sales force automation system for build-to-order and engineer-to-order systems are complete without CustomWise.

Design++ Customer Successes Bentley PlantWise CustomWise Product Family
Design++ Product Family

Figure 1. Intelligent products and solutions based on Design++ Engineer-to-Order engine.

Solid experience

Design Power software has been deployed to numerous manufacturing, engineering and construction companies, which use it in Design-to-Order (ETO) and solutions for front-office engineering design of custom products, process equipment, process plants and buildings. The company's technologies and services enable one of the world's largest automated ETO solutions in use today, a building design system that produces more than 7,000 custom building designs annually. Design Power is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California.


Design Power global customer-base includes major industrial corporations like:

These companies, and many others, are capitalizing on Design Power solutions to achieve: shortened design cycles, quick and accurate price quotes, optimized design, and instant generation of rendered 3-D models and technical drawings for easy collaboration and error-free communication. These benefits add up to a competitive edge in global markets.


Design Power ETO configurator technology encompasses the entire process required for both front-end and back-end configuration of engineered products. As shown below, conventional Assemble-to-Order solutions cover only a small segment of custom products. Many products in the B2B market require Build-to-Order or Engineer-to-Order capabilities. Contrary to frequent claims CAD systems cover only a fraction of the tasks required by a true ETO solution.

Figure 1. Design Power ETO technology allows automation of the entire design process including configuration, engineering, layout and visualization.