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Sample Drawings

Click here to see sample drawings

The drawing window activated by the hyperlink below allows you to look at sample, automatically-generated drawings. By selecting the file icon you can load listed drawing. You can zoom, pan, and make the drawing monochrome using the icons in the drawing control bar.


Instant automatic drawings

AutoDrafter is a software asset that Design Power uses in its solution projects to turn 3D-models into Drawings... Instantly! It provides the tools to effectively communicate contemplated product designs to the Customer and to the members of the design team. AutoDrafter is currently not available as an independent product.

Empowering Customers

Drawings are essential communication tools. Instantly generated proposal drawings, in addition to 3-D models, lets your salesforce visualize complicated products to your customer for immediate review ... before he has to commit. This empowers your customer to customize the product to his specific needs. Providing this service to your customer gives you a significant edge.

"Design Power developed a drawing production tool that interfaces with AutoCAD and other CAD programs to create a drawing model from a 3D model. This makes drawing output a totally integrated and seamless deliverable of our system."

From an interview in Daratech CAD/CAM, CAE Industry Update with Mr. Roger Burlingam V.P. Technicla Services, Robertson Ceco Corporation

Improving Quality

Instant detailed drawings generated from 3-D models that are automatically created using design rules based on your company's best expertize ensures consistent quality across the enterprise.