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CIM and the Web

Click here to see Design++ and CIM Web demos

CIM can command CAD to produce the models and drawings for viewing over the Internet. Together with Design Power Web Integration Manager (WIM) this enables true engineering and design automation over the web. (See Design++ web demo's).

CIM - CAD Integration Manager™

Connecting your Design++ application to your CAD system

Design++ captures your engineering and design expertise into a design automation application for automated reuse. Design++ then outputs 3D models and drawings automatically through CIM to your CAD system. Our bidirectional CIM lets your Design++ application control CAD and allows actions in CAD to be observed and acted upon by Design++.

Standard and Custom

The CAD Integration Manager is preconfigured for several standard CAD systems and is easy to customize for most other CAD systems. Currently CIM supports as standard AutoCAD™, Microstation™, Solid Edge™, Visio™, and VRML. CAD-based user interfaces created with native CAD tools also communicate with Design++ using CIM.

Click on images below to view fullsize renderings of Design++ created CAD models and drawings.