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Design++® Based Metal Building Application Highlighted at Metal Construction Hall of Fame Awards

Design++ based application was highlighted as a software innovation that lays the groundwork for metal building system customization at the 2019 Metal Construction Hall of Fame awards. The application was credited as a unique contribution by this year's inductee Robert D. Carr, the former Vice President of Technical Services at Robertson-Ceco (RCC), now part of Cornerstone Building Brands. An article highlighting Roberts's accomplishments, points out some impressive benefits that Robertson-Ceco gained from its Design++ application. Here is an excerpt:

"Design was no longer based on rules of thumb or design rules, but on a database founded on the best principles of the experts. The new program, called XDS, used half the code and automated 90 percent of the product, and could support any shape of building. It allowed RCC to double sales while increasing the drafting staff by only 20 percent. "The bottom line," says Carr, "is that instead of taking six months to detail a building, we were able to detail it in a couple of days, and do it much more accurately and with a lot less human error."

You can read the full article here.