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Design++® Applications Credited for Enabling High Level of Customization in Metal Building Design and Manufacturing

For the second year in a row, Design++ based applications were highlighted at the 2020 Metal Construction Hall of Fame awards. This year's inductee John Scarbrough, the former President of Ceco Building Systems, now part of Cornerstone Building Brands, credits Robertson-Ceco's Design++ applications for enabling a high level of customization in metal building design and manufacturing. In an article highlighting John's accomplishments, these applications are referred to as "very powerful program." Here is an excerpt:

"During his years of management at Ceco, Scarbrough helped his company establish a reputation for "non-standard is standard." "That's the market advantage [and mindset] we had when we developed our software," he says. "The software - a very powerful program - developed jointly with the Robertson-Ceco Group gave us a big advantage in building complex buildings. Instead of a customer asking us, 'What do you have?', we can tell them, 'Just tell us what you want and our computer will handle it and we can feed it right to the plant electronically.'
So, non-standard versus standard means you can tell us what you need and we can build it because of our software's versatility.
To grow the market we had to get more sophisticated venues like auto dealerships, churches, schools and commercial buildings. In the early 2000s, we were able to plug those buildings into our software and detail them as a 3-D model. If the model ran that means everything on it was detailed right down to the bolts."

You can read the full article here.