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Automated building design using Super-BIM
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Selvaag Bluethink

Re-using captured expert knowledge to optimize house design

Selvaag Bluethink, the technology arm of Selvaag Group, a Norwegian builder, creates new information technology products that revolutionize the building industry by preventing repeat errors and lead to an industrial approach throughout the whole building process.

The Design++® based Bluethink® House Designer, a component in Bluethink® Applications, is an application that allows house developers create and make quality "what-if" analyses of house alternatives according to a number of engineering disciplines and other factors. By applying the builders collective expert knowledge the House Designer facilitates the search for the "best house" accounting for engineering considerations, codes, occupant demographics, and quality of living.

The House Designer's Intelligent Model Builder captures all these considerations in rules in its electronic Building Information Model (BIM) and actively assists a developer with "best practices" solutions, suggestions for refinements, and flags any violated constraints. It makes possible rapid time-to-market of highest quality fully designed and engineered new and updated house types that conform to defined external and company internal codes, standards, and best practices. Business benefits are reduced design time, increased design quality with reduced need for expensive changes during construction, all important elements for cost reductions.

Bluethink House Designer is also an important factor in Selvaag Group's significant progress in its internal pursuit for "No Repeated Errors".

"Capturing knowledge for automated re-use ensures that we remain a leader in affordable, high-quality housing while retaining a high degree of flexibility"

-Ole Gunnar Selvaag, CEO and Owner Selvaag Gruppen AS

"Design++® made this very complicated task possible"

-Per-Olav Opdahl, President Selvaag Bluethink